• Fundraising

DSCN1245St. Mary’s Academy has three major fundraisers a year that go directly to enhance our social and academic programs here at the school. These are a fun way to get involved and meet other families while supporting your school.

                                                    • ADVENT CALENDAR RAFFLE: Fall Fundraiser-Our Advent Calendar Raffle gears up every September as we solicit local businesses to sponsor our December cash giveaways.   This is a great way for companies to support Catholic education and market their business to a targeted local audience. Sponsorships range from $75 – $600 making it very reasonable for all budget levels. Our families are then asked to sell calendars to friends and family giving them a chance to win CASH prizes throughout the month of December. Thanks to our sponsors, and our supporters this possible! If you are interested in more information or would like to be a sponsor of this event please contact amendrala@stmaryslongmeadow.org .

Each day the raffle prize winner will be called when they win.  Raffle winners for each week will be posted here on Wednesdays.

Thank you to our generous 2022 Advent Calendar Raffle Sponsors:  

                                                    • TechNet Solutions (Title Sponsor)
                                                      Knights of Columbus (Christmas Day Sponsor)
                                                      Carol K Added Attractions (Christmas Eve Sponsor)
                                                    • Tazzini Funeral Home 
                                                    • Thomas P. Ryland Co.
                                                    • Central Chevrolet
                                                    • Andrew Associates
                                                    • McKenna & Caban Family Orthodontics
                                                    • 3 Guys Catering 
                                                    • Ondrick Natural Earth
                                                    • Dowd Agencies
                                                    • Griffin Family
                                                    • Murtha, Cullina Attorneys at Law
                                                    • Auth Fuels
                                                    • TLC Geltron Int’l Corp.
                                                    • Pope Francis Prep
                                                    • Egan, Flannigan and Cohen, PC
                                                    • Class General Contracting
                                                    • Brunelle Funeral Home
                                                    • Camerota Truck Parts
                                                    • Patriot Appraisers (Dietschler Family)
                                                    • Hillary Lynn Photography
                                                    • McCaffrey Law Firm
                                                    • Brighter Day Physical Therapy & Wellness
                                                  • Some days may be pulled ahead of the date ALL winners will be notified by phone.
                                                  • Website will be updated weekly. 
                                                  • Congratulations to winners:
                                                  • Mary Ann Dietschler -1st
                                                  • Diane Minalaga-2nd
                                                  • Joan Heyman-3rd
                                                  • Greg Formeister -4th
                                                  • Patrick Tudryn -5th
                                                  • Pat Wroblesky-6th
                                                  • Dan Atwater- 7th
                                                  • Teri Sergentanis – 8th
                                                  • Paul Brewster – 9th
                                                  • Pat Hurst – 10th
                                                  • George Brown – 11th
                                                  • Carol Sampson -12th
                                                  • Christopher Gibbs – 13th
                                                  • Beverly Henry – 14th
                                                  • Jessica Guerra 15th
                                                  • Debbie Jenest-16th
                                                  • Polly Logan-17th
                                                  • Ed Tamayo-18th
                                                  • Karen DeCaro-19th
                                                  • Wendy Goulet-20th
                                                  • Mike Matyjasik-21st
                                                  • Mike Levine-22nd
                                                  • Nancy and Peter Hayes-23rd
                                                  • Jackson Tamayo-24th
                                                  • Ed and Nancy Dzielenski -Christmas Day
                                                    • __________________________________________________________________________________
                                                    • Parent’s Association Magazine Drive (Fall)

Each September, our PA, holds their Annual Magazine Drive which supports ALL of the wonderful activities offered to your students. This fundraiser is so much fun for the students as they win “turn in day prizes”, ice cream socials and a limo ride bowling lunch if they sell enough magazines! If you have any questions about this event, or want to help, email PA at PA@stmaryslongmeadow.org.


ACE AUCTION- Spring Fundraiser

This fantastic virtual event is held in the spring. Our 2023 Auction will be held March 30th to April 1st. If you would like to get involved or would like to be a donor or sponsor please call our school at 413.567.0907 or email: amendrala@stmaryslongmeadow.org


Presenting Sponsor: The Alexopoulos Family
Diamond Sponsors: Thomas and Susan DeCosmo, Yanni Family Orthodontics and Constitution Cable
Platinum Sponsors: Dave DiRico Golf , Camerota Truck Parts & Christopher Orszulak
Gold Sponsors: Ondrick Natural Origins, Richard and Tina Ruffolo
Friends of ACE: McCaffrey Law Firm, PC, Bay Path University, Thomas P. Ryland Co., Sullivan, Keating and Moran Insurance, Michael J. Nichols, Witch Enterprises, TJ Conway Co., Tamayo Family, Moraitis Family, Pope Francis Prep