Faculty & Staff

All of our classroom teachers at the Academy are Massachusetts State certified and further their knowledge and skills each year through continuing education courses.

Mrs. MacDonald has been with the Academy for over 24 years! She was the 5th grade teacher for nine years and is in her thirteenth year as Principal. She does not consider this a job, instead it is her second home – one that is also filled with love, excitement, and energy. To contact Mrs. MacDonald email or call 413-567-0907 x228.

Pre-Kindergarten 3
Previous to SMA, Mrs. Nicholson taught Kindergarten and Pre-K in the Springfield Public School system. She graduated from Elms College and has a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood from Westfield State University. She has two grown children and lives in Longmeadow with her husband Paul. To contact Mrs. Nicholson email or call 413-567-0907 x209.

Pre-Kindergarten 4
Mrs. Mankowsky graduated from Westfield State University where she received both her Bachelors in Elementary Education as well as a Master’s Degree in Special Needs. In addition to SMA, Mrs. M runs a summer literacy/yoga program in Belchertown. To contact Mrs. Mankowski email or call 413-567-0907 x219.

Pre-Kindergarten Aide: Mrs. Hussey graduated from the University of Maine with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications. She has been teaching at the Academy for over 10 years!

Miss Leclair is a graduate of Elms College and has enjoyed teaching St. Mary’s Kindergartners for more than 20 years. To contact Miss Leclair email or call 413-567-0907 x210.

Kindergarten Aide: Mrs. Denno worked in the Longmeadow school system after running a successful home day care while raising her own children.

First Grade
Ms. Landry received her Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and Mathematics from Stonehill College. Catherine also has her Masters in the Art of Teaching Mathematics from Western New England University. To contact Ms. Landry email or call 413-567-0907 x201.

Second Grade
Mrs. Widmer has her Master’s Degree in Elementary Education with a reading concentration from Westfield State University. Mrs. Widmer has been teaching at St. Mary’s Academy for over 10 years! To contact Mrs. Widmer email or call 413-567-0907 x202.

Third Grade
This is Ms. Quinn’s first year at St. Mary’s Academy and she’s excited to join the team. She previously worked at Blessed Sacrament School in Holyoke and graduated with her Bachelors in Elementary Education from Westfield State University. To contact Ms. Quinn, email or call 413-567-0907 x203

Fourth Grade
Mrs. Matte graduated from Westfield State University with a Bachelor’s in Education and a concentration in Social Studies. Mrs. Matte has been teaching at the Academy for over 25 years! To contact Mrs. Matte email or call 413-567-0907 x204.

Fifth Grade
Ms. Remillard’s graduated from AIC with a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. She has been teaching at the Academy for over 10 years! To contact Ms. Remillard email or call 413-567-0907 x205.

Sixth Grade – History
Mrs. Desjardins believes in Catholic Education. Previous to SMA, she taught grades 5-8 for 13 years at St. Mary’s Ware, then took 2 years off to stay at home with her youngest daughter. For the past 4 years she taught at the 4-6 grade levels. Mrs. Desjardins is our 6th grade homeroom teacher and also teaches Social Studies and Religion to our Junior High Students. To contact Mrs. Desjardins, email or call 413-567-0907 x206.

Sixth Grade – Religion
Miss Brackett received her BA in Theology from Saint Joseph’s College of Maine and is working toward her Masters of Education degree from Northeastern University. Miss Brackett enjoys visiting her family in New Hampshire and has taught grades 6-10. To contact with Miss Brackett, email or call 413-567-0907 x206.

Seventh Grade
Mrs. Cannon received her BA in English and Music from UMass Amherst as well as a MA in English with a Certificate in Secondary Education, Musical Theater and Choral Studies. She has worked at the Community Music School of Springfield with the Vivace Chorus and Mater Dolorosa School in Holyoke. To contact Mr. Cannon email or call 413-567-0907 x207.

Eighth Grade
Mrs. Brodeur has been teaching Junior High Math and Science for over thirty years, obtaining her degree from Westfield State University. Mrs. Brodeur enjoys running our theater department with both a Fall and Spring Performance. To contact Mrs. Brodeur email or call 413-567-0907 x208.

Ms. Gregoire is a graduate of Boston University and loves all the Arts, including music! To contact Ms. Gregoire email by clicking on the link.

Mr. Barrows graduated from Lowell Technological Institute (now known as UMASS Lowell). He truly enjoys technology and sharing his knowledge with the students in grades K – 6. To contact Mr. Barrows, email by clicking on the link.

Mrs. McDonald has been the Librarian at St. Mary’s Academy since 1991. Mrs. McDonald received her degree from AIC in 1967, and her Master’s in Education from Westfield State in 1975. To contact Mrs. McDonald, email by clicking on the link.

Sr. Christine Lavoie is our reading enrichment teacher. Sister Chris has a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from the Elms College and a Masters Degree in Education with a concentration in Reading from Westfield State University. To contact Sister Chris, email by clicking on the link.

Mr. Gurt received his degree in Music Education with a Vocal Emphasis from the University of Hartford. To contact Mr. Gurt, email by clicking on the link.

Physical Education/Health
Mrs. Keeney received her degree from Illinois State University and has taught in both public and private schools across the country and is a certified PE teacher in three states. To contact Mrs. Keeney, email by clicking on the link.

Mrs. Vazquez has so much enthusiasm for teaching Spanish to our students in grades 1 – 8! She engages our youth in exciting lessons in which they are immersed in the Spanish language. Mrs. Vazquez joins us from Miami, FL where she was also a Catholic school educator. To contact Mrs. Vazquez, email by clicking on the link.

School Secretary
Janice Barrows – Mrs. Barrows joined St. Mary’s Academy in 2010 and continues to be the smiling face that greets our families each morning in the front office. She has worked in Catholic education since 1992 and is a wife and mother to four. To contact Mrs. Barrows, email or call 413-567-0907 x200.

Development Director
Jenna Banaitis –Mrs. Banaitis’ has been with the Academy for 3 years as the Development Director, helping to not only raise money for our school, but also assisting with enrollment and marketing. Mrs. Banaitis received her Bachelor’s Degree from Westfield State University and both her children attend the Academy. To contact Mrs. Banaitis, email or call 413-567-0907 x221.