Parent Resources

Starting a new school can be overwhelming. We hope this section will help. Here, you will learn about the following:
– Parents Association
– Fair Share Program
– Before and After School
– Volunteer Opportunities

LATEST NEWS: Last Day of School Friday, June 16th 

There are a variety of activities and events that our Parent Association (PA) run each year that help foster community by inviting parents to participate. It is always exciting to see a child’s face light up when they see their parent participating in a school event. For a list of PA events, please click here.
The Academy’s Fair Share Program has been implemented to effectively and equitably share the volunteer workload so that everyone contributes to the success of our school. We see volunteering as a privilege, not a burden.  While many schools shut the doors the minute your student walks through them, we welcome Cori checked volunteers to get involved and take an active part in their student’s schooling.  There are also many opportunities on weekends or after school, if your schedule doesn’t allow day time hours.