St. Mary’s Academy is proud to offer an outstanding and affordable private education for children in grades Pre-K 3 through 8th grade in a faith-centered learning environment. Below are our tuition fees.

2022 – 2023 Tuition Fees
Pre-K Three (3 Half Day) — $4,100
Pre-K Three (3 Full Day) – $5,025
Pre-K Four (3 Full Day) — $5,025
Pre-K Four (5 Full Day) – $6,850
Kindergarten — $5,475
Grades 1-5 — $5,090
Grades 6-8 — $5,390
Multi-child Discount Schedule
1st Child — Full tuition
2nd Child — $100 off full tuition
3rd Child — $500 off  full tuition
4th Child — $1,000 off full tuition

Tuition Deposit: A $200 non-refundable per student deposit is due at the time of acceptance to reserve your child’s placement for next year. The deposit is applied to your tuition invoice.

NOTE: total above tuition fees include a $50 cleaning fee and a $150 technology/consumable fee.

Payment Options

St. Mary’s Academy has partnered with FACTS Mgt. Services and is pleased to offer you a convenient online method to review your Tuition transactions and set up your payment method. If you have any questions regarding the amount due or payment schedule, please contact Peggy Iancu in the Finance Office:

Monthly payments may be made via electronic withdraw from payer’s checking or savings account. Credit card options are also available. Withdraws are made on either the 5th or 20th of each month.

This online method is made available through FACTS Tuition Services.  Please click HERE to view your profile to enroll.

-2% Discount available if paid in full by August 1st. This discount is applied to the net Tuition balance.


Diocesan Financial Aid:
Please see the attached document explaining the requirements for filing for financial aid. Follow Link to apply.

Parish Sponsorship:
Indicate your family parish information on your registration form.  A letter will be sent to your pastor requesting support.  We encourage you to speak directly to your Pastor.

Other Option:
If you do not qualify for the above financial assistance and are still in need, please contact the Finance office at 413.567.3124 x102 to discuss financial assistance options.

Pre-K and Extended Day:
All fees are tax deductible.  Please contact the Finance office at 413.567.3124 x102 for tax statement.

St. Mary’s Academy considers the cost of education as a full school year expense.  Enrollment numbers dictate the number of teachers and academic materials that are needed for each student’s full-year participation.  Parent/guardian will be responsible for payment of tuition based on schedule below:

  • If student is withdrawn after July 1st but before start of academic year, you will be responsible for ¼ of annual tuition due 

If student is withdrawn after the start of academic year but before end of first marking quarter, you will be responsible for ½ of the annual tuition due

If student is withdrawn after first marking period but before end of second marking period, you will be responsible for ¾ annual tuition due 

If student is withdrawn after start of third marking period, you will be responsible for the year’s tuition paid in full 

Families who choose to withdraw their child/ren from St. Mary’s Academy must notify the Academy in writing.  The family is responsible for contacting the Finance Office to cancel the FACTS payment plan.  The FACTS tuition account will remain open until all outstanding debts for tuition and the extended day program are satisfied. The payment of tuition is a serious commitment, and it is important to stay current in making payments.