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I met today with the cast and crew of The Homecoming. It was becoming more and more apparent that there were still going to be quite a few hurdles to cross and were were only two days until curtain! This coughing and headache was overwhelming for everyone….better one day, not better the next! We had run out of the opportunity to call in and recite lines. We needed to work with the set. So together, we called it. For the first time, (except for COVID) play is cancelled. It is difficult for me to say that, but as the students said, sometimes the difficult decisions just need to be made, Maybe it’s not what we wanted- but maybe it’s what we needed to do.

Our students are certainly people to be proud of! We had a wonderful exchange of ideas and possible solutions……..but in the end – it is important to know when it is ‘enough’. There was sadness but many students expressed the learning that had occurred – working together – managing time…..it really is bigger than telling a story – it is about telling it together. And they did that at rehearsals. They wanted to move the set to the stage one last time and eat together. They really enjoyed being together – and I enjoyed being with them – solving problems and sharing a laugh! I am proud to have worked with every one of them! They never took the easy way out!




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