Junior High News



Drama Information:

Welcome back to school!!!!!! How wonderful it is for all of us to be together once again!

While we are eager to get back to ‘business’ – we have some changes to make to our daily routines at school to keep everyone safe. This also means that some of our extracurricular activities need to be put on ‘hold’ for some time. Guidelines are constantly changing, and Mrs. MacDonald will make the decisions that will keep us safe. She will also let us know when we can engage in some of the events that we so enjoyed in the past, and how we can design events once we can engage in some activities. She will keep us well informed. Until that time, we should rejoice in being together in the building, our ‘home away from home’!



The supply list is listed below. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the teachers.

  • 1″ binders for each of the following subjects: Math, Science, History, Religion
  • 2″ binder for English/Literature
  • Spiral notebook for Spanish
  • Pens (blue, black, and red)
  • Pencils
    1 box 24 colored pencils (grade 6-7 only)
  • Highlighters
    2 glue sticks
    Simple Calculator (capable of determining square root – scientific calculators not advised)
    Filler paper for each binder
    8-tab dividers for each binder
    Three flash drives (2GB)
    Two-pocket homework folder if beneficial for personal organization
    1 box tissues for classroom