St. Mary’s Academy COVID-19 Response

Due to the recent pandemic, St. Mary’s Academy, along with all the other schools in Massachusetts, switched to 100% remote learning as of March 12, 2020.  Without much notice, our teachers and students worked together to make sure curriculum was moving and students were held accountable.  Although, not ideal, each grade level moved through their required academics and we finished the year out strong and prepared for the following Fall.

Shortly after we went to a virtual learning environment, our Principal, Mrs. MacDonald, started thinking about how the Fall would look and more importantly, how we could open safely.  She put together a COVID-19 response team and quickly got to work.  This team generated many ideas, before the governor and DESE even came out with their recommendations.

When the guidelines were put forth from the State, St. Mary’s Academy knew which plan would work best to open safety and on time.  On August 26, 2020, we welcomed all our students back into the classroom!  We adhere to all guidelines set forth by the State and local Department of Health.  We are so grateful to our families who have adapted quickly and are doing their very best to ensure we stay open and our students remains safe.

Below are some important documents regarding our re-opening plan, weekly COVID agreement, and travel form.  As always, this information is subject to change based on local and state guidelines.  We will do our best to update this as required. If you have any questions regarding our re-opening plan or the current health and safety guidelines, please don’t hesitate to call us at 413.567.0907.

SMA Re-Opening Plan 2020-2021

Weekly COVID-19 Symptom Agreement

Travel Form