Summertime, maybe especially this year, signals a time for relaxation and family! But it is also time for Summer Math – in preparation for reentry to school this fall. The new Grade 7 and Grade 8 completed their curriculum, which underscores the academic attitude our students have! Thank you for all your hard work!

We want to welcome the new Grade 6 students to St. Mary’s Academy’s Junior High!!! While the daily routine will be a bit different for us for a while, we will be together in the building and certainly together in spirit!

Please look for the Summer Math for YOUR NEW GRADE LEVEL FOR THIS COMING YEAR! You can download the work, but please follow the directions! You will be asked to work on white lined paper and show your work! Please be neat! Everyone must submit their work on the first day of school for credit.

New students to St. Mary’s Academy should contact Mrs. Brodeur within the first two weeks of August to review Summer Math. New Grade 8 students will also need to engage in a conversation at that time about math placement for the fall.

Enjoy the remainder of the summer and I am looking forward to seeing all of you, and being with all of you at school!!!!! Contact me if you have questions.

Grade 6 Summer Math

Grade 7 Summer Math

Grade 8 Summer Math