5th Grade Homework


** Reminder Mrs. Reyngold is still collecting donations for our basket for the ACE Gala held on April 4th.  If you have not already contributed; please consider, every little bit helps!**


ELA ~ Log onto Pearson Realize & work on assigned work over the week

Math ~ Choose 1 worksheet to complete (some of the math is double sided, please only complete 1 side.)

Due by tomorrow: Assignment on NewsEla & Social Studies Page 143


ELA ~ “The Garden” Comprehension Packet

Math ~ Fractions 12.2

Religion ~ Fill Someone’s Bucket Challenge


ELA ~ Word Study (Prefixes Pro- Con- Com-)

Math ~ Fractions 12.1

Social Studies ~ Chapter 3 (Lesson 3 & 4 Vocabulary)


ELA ~ Spelling

Math~ Prodigy

Social Studies~ Letter to convince me to come to their colony

Tests This week:

Social Studies Vocab Chapter 3 Lessons 3 & 4 Wednesday

Spelling Test Friday


ELA ~ Spelling 3 X each

Spelling Test tomorrow

Math ~ 11.6 Exponents # 1 – 8 ( 3 & 4 are the same problem)

Religion Test Tomorrow

U3 W5 Progress Check-up Monday

Chapter 11 Math Test Monday


ELA ~ Conjunctive Adverbs

Spelling Test Friday

Math~ Prime Factorization Tree

Science ~ Test Thursday ** Mrs. Matte will be having a study session @ 7:50 am on 3/5

Religion ~ Test Friday


ELA ~ Spelling Words (ABC Order & break out syllables)

Spelling Test Friday

Math~ Prime & Composite Numbers 11.4 # 1-93/2/2020

Science ~ Study for Science Test on Thursday

Religion Test Friday


ELA ~ Spelling

Cursive “Z”

Math ~ # 1-3 & 16-19

Social Studies ~ Page 223 # 6  & 7

Science ~ Lesson 3



Y” Cursive

Spelling Words

Spelling Test

Math ~ Lesson 11.3 # 1- 10

Social Studies~ Finish Flash Cards (CH. 3 Lesson 4)


ELA ~ “X” Cursive, Word Study, Poetry (Imagery, Similes & Personification)

Math ~ Lesson 11.1 Multiples & Least Common Multiple

Science~ Punnett Squares & Lesson 2 Review


ELA ~ “W” Cursive, Spelling Sentences

Science ~ Check point


ELA ~ Finish Comprehension Package ” The Constitution”

Put Spelling words into agenda & Complete Vocabulary

Math ~ Pretest tomorrow (Chapter 9)

Social Studies~ Pg. 109 # 5,6, 7


Happy Vacation Everyone!

Students were asked to solve at least 20 problems in Prodigy.


Math ~ Create line plot & Read line plot

Science ~ Finish Checkpoint


ELA ~ Spelling words

Study Spelling words for test 2/13/2020

Math ~ 9.4 #1-4


ELA~ Spelling Scramble (Spelling test will be on Thursday) & Cursive ‘U’

Math ~ Mean, Median, Mode & Range Evens only

Religion~ Chapter 6 test tomorrow


ELA~ Spelling Words (Spelling test will be on Thursday) & Cursive ‘T’

Religion ~ Chapter 6 test on Wednesday

Social Studies ~ Finish Vocabulary Words (Chapter 3 Lesson 3)


** Black History projects due on Monday**

If it is not in by Monday, there will be a 10 point deduction for Tuesday: no projects will be accepted after Tuesday.


ELA~ Study Spelling Words (Spelling Test Tomorrow)

MATH~  Lesson 9.2 Odds only (1,3,5,7 & 9)

Science ~ Test Friday (Mrs. Matte will be holding a study session beginning @ 7:50 am on 2/7)

Social Studies ~ Vocab Quiz tomorrow on Chapter 3 Lessons 1 & 2

Students should be working on their project which is due on Monday 2/10/2020


ELA~ Possessive Pronouns

Math ~ Khan Academy

Science ~ Study for test Friday on Lessons 4-6

Social Studies- Work on project – prepare for Chapter 3 Lesson 1 & 2 Vocabulary



ELA ~ Spelling (Unusual Spellings) & ‘S’ Cursive

Math ~ Line Plots

Khan Academy   www.khanacademy.org

Science ~ Lesson 6
Social Studies ~  Vocab Chapter 3 Lesson 1 & 2 quiz Friday
Be sure to work a little on your Research Project




“R” cursive

Math ~ 20 minutes of prodigy


Students will be coming home with their Black History Biography Report, it will be due on Monday February 10th.  Along with the project, they were asked to compile a list of 10 in depth questions they would ask their person if they were able to interview them.


ELA~ Spelling Words

Spelling Test Tomorrow

Cursive ‘Qu’


There is no homework this evening, enjoy time with your families!


ELA~ ‘P’ Cursive

Spelling Word Scramble

Math Pretest tomorrow Chapter 8 (dividing decimals)


ELA~ ‘O’ Cursive

Put spelling words into agenda

Look up Vocabulary words (word & definition on index card)


ELA~ Spelling Words

**Spelling Test Tomorrow**

Math ~ decimal by decimal division

Science ~ Lesson 5

*Open House on 1/26/2020 @ 1:00

5th Grade has Mass Monday 1/27/2020 @ 9 am.


ELA ~ Pronouns and Antecedents

Cursive ‘M’

Math ~ Decimal Division

Science~ Read pages 146-147


ELA~ Spelling Word Scramble

Cursive ‘L’

Math ~ Dividing Decimals

Science~ Lesson 4


ELA ~ Pronouns

Cursive ‘J’1/14/2020

Social Studies~ finish colonial flag

Science ~ Test Tomorrow, Study!

ELA~ Pronouns

Cursive ‘I’

Math ~ Decimal Multiplication

Science~ Study for test (moved to Thursday)


We have The Rosary tomorrow!

ELA- Spelling

Math- Lesson 7.2 1-6 Only

Science ~ Lesson 3.2 Review

Science Test Wednesday

**Science Study Session Wednesday Morning**


ELA ~ Classify Spelling Words

Spelling Test toorrow

Math~ Multiplying Decimals

Science~ Lesson 2


ELA~ Latin Roots

Spelling Test Friday

Math~ Multiplying Decimals( Odd only)

Science ~ Study flashcards for Vocabulary Quiz Thursday


ELA~ Preposition Phrases

Math~ Multiplying Decimals

Science ~ Study flashcards for Vocabulary Quiz Thursday


ELA- Spelling words (please vary the punctuation on the sentences)

Math~ Multiplying Decimals


There is no homework.


ELA~ Word study

Math~ Review Pretest

Social Studies ~ Study Lesson 3 Vocabulary

Spelling test will be Tuesday, December 17th


ELA ~ Passive & Active sentences

Math ~ Estimating Sums & Differences 6.3 # 1 – 20


ELA ~ Passive & Active Voices

Math~ Rounding Tenths & Hundredths


ELA ~ Endings on base words

Math~ Adding Decimals  (A – F only)


ELA~Reading & Comprehension Passage

Math ~ Estimating decimals


There is no homework tonight

Science study session will be Monday morning & test will be Monday


Please be sure students continue visiting Prodigy

Explorer Travel Advertisements are due 12/3/2019 (Students were given a rubric at to what the poster should include, please be sure they use it)


ELA ~ 4 line rhyming stanza using Thanksgiving Vocabulary

Science~ Lesson 4 review

ELA ~ 11/20/19

Classify root words and Prefixes

Study for Spelling Test

Math ~ Ordering Decimals least to greatest


ELA ~ Irregular Verbs

Curisve “E”

Math ~ Lesson 5.2 #1-16 Decimals


ELA ~ Word Study of prefixes

Cursive “D”

Math ~ Ordering Decimals


ELA ~ Selling words with prefixes

Cursive ‘C’

Math ~ Lesson 5.1 Decimals

Science ~ Lesson 3 Review


ELA~ Spelling Words

Study for Spelling Test Tomorrow

Math ~ Prodigy (10 minutes)

Social Studies ~ Chapter 2 Lesson 2 Vocabulary Quiz tomorrow


ELA~ Irregular Verbs

Cursive “B”

Vocabulary Quiz Tomorrow

Math ~ Review Pretest for test tomorrow


ELA ~ add spelling words into agenda

Cursive “a”

Vocabulary lookup

Math ~ Lesson 4.3


ELA~ Spelling Words

*Spelling Test tomorrow*

Math ~ 30 minutes of Prodigy


ELA~ Language Review Past/Present tenses of verbs

Math~ 30 minutes of Prodigy


ELA~ r- controlled vowels

Vocabulary Quiz

Math~ PEMDAS 1-5

Science~ Lesson 1 Review


ELA~ r-controlled vowels

Math~ Lesson 4.3 Properties 1-10

Religion ~ Quiz on ‘Our Father’ tomorrow


ELA ~ Principal parts of a verb

Math- Order of Operations 1-8

Students had time to complete their math & ELA homework in class.

Enjoy a safe Halloween!



ELA ~ Spelling words (classify ending sounds into -le -tion -sion & other)

Math ~ Order of Operations (PEMDAS) # 1-6

  • * Spelling Test will be Thursday*
  • Please remember that Winter Uniforms are in effect which includes gym days


ELA ~ Ending sounds

Math ~ try to solve 1 Order of operations

Science ~ finish paper & vocab cards


ELA ~ Spelling word work

Math ~ Associative Properties of Multiplication

Science ~ Finish Guided Inquiry & Arm (be able to explain)

Religion ~ Study The Apostles Creed

** Spelling test will be Thursday**


ELA~ Classifying open and closed syllables

Spelling Test Tomorrow

Science ~ Chapter 2 Test Tomorrow

** No School Friday**


ELA~ Subject & Verb Agreement & Vocabulary quiz tomorrow

Science~ Finish pages 54 & 55 (Test Friday)

Math~ Chapter 3 test tomorrow


ELA~ spelling words with open & closed vowel sounds

Math ~ Word problems 1-4 (most completed in class)

Science~ Test on Thursday

Spelling test will be Thursday (No School Friday)


Math ~ 2 Digit Divisors D-F

Social Studies~ Chapter 1 Assessment


ELA ~ prepare a “sloppy copy” of a moment from graphic organizer (Personal Narrative)

Math ~ 2 Digit Divisors ONLY A-C

Science~ Read Captions Pg. 47

Religion ~ Practice The Apostles Creedd


No ELA homework tonight- we are working on a project of creating a Personal Narrative

Math ~ Lesson 3.5

Science~ Lesson 3



ELA – Classify VCe endings with long vowel sounds

Study for Spelling test

Math- Lesson 3.4 #1 -10 ONLY

** Don’t forget the field-trip tomorrow, Kids were asked to bring something to sit on and a clipboard**


ELA ~ Subject Predicate Worksheet

Study Vocabulary for Quiz

Math ~ Divide & Multiply to confirm answer A-D & I only!

Science ~ Finish reading Lesson 2


ELA~ Word Study

Math ~ 11-20 Divide then check the answer by multiplying

Science~ Lesson 1 Review


ELA ~ ABC Order VCe pattern

Math~ Lesson 3.2 1-10 only

Practice Prodigy for 30 minutes

**Any unsigned field trip forms must be returned by tomorrow**

Field trip is Friday (weather pending), don’t forget a clipboard and something to sit on.


ELA~ Proper, Common and Collective nouns

Math ~ Lesson 3.1

Social Studies~ Indigenous Report & Poster Due


ELA~ Idioms & find a poem (classify it & name traits, ie… Figurative Language)

Math~ Division using pictures to solve

Social Studies~ Work on Indigenous Project


ELA~ Base Word & suffixes (-able & -ible)

Math- 20 minutes of Prodigy

Social Studies- Begin your poster board for Indigenous Project  **DUE FRIDAY**



ELA ~ Spelling ABC Order

Math ~ Prodigy Assessment – Math Test Tomorrow on Chapter 2

Social Studies – Begin laying out your poster board for Indigenous Project



Social Studies ~ Begin Indigenous Poster – Due Friday 10/4 (5 Paragraph Essay Graphic Organizer for those who have not completed it)

Math~ Log into Prodigy to take assessment test



ELA~ Cursive Spelling


ELA ~ Cursive Spelling ** Spelling Test Tomorrow**

Math~ Finish Multi-digit Multiplication using graph paper

* Science ~ Study for Vocab & Chapter Test Tomorrow

Social Studies ~ Color piece of Indigenous Quilt (Due Friday)


ELA ~ Identify Compound/Complex Sentences Study Vocab (U1 W3)

Math~ The Crazy Clock & Math Facts

Social Studies ~ Color piece of Indigenous Quilt (Due Friday)

* Science ~ Study for Vocab & Chapter Test Finish Paper


ELA ~ ABC Spelling Order

Math Pg 45 10-19 Multiplication

** Science ~ Study for Vocab & Chapter Test


ELA ~ Spelling Words (Vowel Teams)

Math Lesson 2.4 Multiplication

** Science Test Friday (Vocabulary & Chapter 1)


ELA~ Spelling words

Math ~ Lesson 2.2

Science ~ bring in something from outside

Study for Spelling & Vocab Test


ELA~ Language Study Independent & Dependent Clauses

Math~ Lesson 2.1

Science ~ Lesson 3 Review

Vocabulary & Spelling Test Friday


Social Studies~ Study Vocabulary Words for Quiz tomorrow

ELA ~Cursive Spelling words 2 times each

Remember Fundraiser tomorrow!


Religion ~ Chapter 2 Review

ELA~ Word Study of Greek Roots

Math~ Review Pre-Test & notes from Chapter 1 for Test Tomorrow


Math~ 1.6 Adding and Subtracting

Science~ Finish reading Pages 16-17

ELA ~ evaluate the 4 types of sentences, applying knowledge through 4 Square Vocabulary (Study for Spelling and Vocabulary test tomorrow)


Math ~ Estimating using compatible numbers

ELA ~ Study Vocab & Spelling – Test on Friday for both


Religion~ Chapter 1 Review & choose Saint for research

ELA ~ Study Spelling & Vocab Words

Math ~ Rounding Whole #’s 1.4


Religion~ Read pages 28-31, complete activity on pages 29 & 31

ELA ~ students were given their passwords for the online component They can either Google Pearson Realize or here is the web address they can copy & paste in their browser.


Try to log on & see how it goes! If your kiddo is unable to log on- no worries!  We are still in the beginning phases of rolling this out.

Spelling~ Write words 2 times each in cursive

Math~ Ordering Numbers Complete B,C & D  and Place Value 3,4&5

We will be having a spelling and vocabulary test on Friday.


Happy Thursday~

Tonight we have Parent Night @ 5:30

We continued to work on place value in Math 1.2 is due tomorrow

Children have a cursive writing paper

Reading will be Spelling / Word Study (Pg. 6/7)



Good evening families!

We have homework tonight!

Social Studies~ Students are expected to write the Vocabulary words and definitions from Page 6 on index cards.

Math ~ Lesson 1.1 Odds only

Science (Mrs. Matte) ~ Find and Classify an Organism.


There is no homework tonight.

We had a busy day going over our summer packets as well as editing and publishing our friendly letter.  The students were given their first project of the year, research of the Indigenous Cultures.  They are working on the project here at school, but will have to do a poster board at home on one of the cultures of their choosing.  They have been given a rubric to use a a guide to know what I expect.  The students will be given 4 class periods to work on it here, anything uncompleted will be homework at that point.  Tomorrow, we will start place value in math and should have at least math homework.


Another great day today!  We began working on a friendly letter in writing.  More listening skills were practiced today also.  Monday will be no school due to Labor Day, see everyone Tuesday!  Tuesday resources are Music and Enrichment.

The children will soon be picking out a Saint to research (ssshhhh!  I haven’t told them yet…) the weekend may be a great time to have a conversation about some that your family prays to or believes in.


The kids watched a video about “Paying it Forward” with their kindness.  I really want for them to reflect on how their actions of kindness affect those around them.

Tonight’s homework is to complete a selfless act of kindness for another person.

Have a great night!