We are a family. Teachers volunteer their time before and after school hours to alleviate the stress of time management for parents who may request a conference or tutoring, and teachers offer a variety of programs outside of the classroom, allowing for greater opportunity for students to explore special interests or talents.

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Tuition goes a long way to meeting the challenges of teaching so much in so little time, but tuition alone does not take the place of an extra guiding hand in the class room or on a field trip, helping a new member of our Academy family to feel comfortable and ‘at home’, or organizing an event that will ensure that our Academy offers the very best academic experience that our area/region can provide. We work together. We are family. We are St. Mary’s Academy.
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We are very grateful that our parents also enthusiastically volunteer their precious time providing those details, opportunities, or items that help to enhance and enrich the learning experience for each of our students.