Junior High News


Thanks to all the students who made the productions for 2017-2018 so successful! We look forward to our new adventure for the Fall: The Bells of St. Mary’s ! Auditions will be help September 5!!!

Please look for the permission slip, cast list, and the mandatory rehearsal schedule for the fall production. Please read the information carefully, especially the mandatory rehearsal dates, as guidelines for participation are explained and will be maintained.

Students will gather in the Grade 8 classroom and audition in the Science Lab. Please let Mrs. Brodeur know if there is a specific time for pick-up for a specific student. Usually auditions are completed by 5:30, but many times other students are willing to wait for pick-up to allow those students who need to be picked-up earlier to audition first. We will honor  as many ‘time’ requests as possible.

The Junior High is also beginning to prepare for the annual ‘Cruise Night’ (September 21) – a family fun night of activities and shows aboard the S.S. St. Mary! Students should begin to plan their performances. Students may work alone or in small groups! Please think about more than one routine/performance for the evening! Remember – this is not a talent show! Humor and a light heart are the hallmarks for the night! No need for absolute perfection! Effort and spirit can also delight audiences!


The supply list is attached below. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the teachers.

Permission Slip
Mandatory rehearsals
Character list