Junior High News

We are excited to begin our new drama production for the fall – A Christmas Carol. Below, you will find attachments which include the permission slip necessary for auditions, the cast listing, and the mandatory rehearsal schedule. Please make sure that everyone in the family has taken a close look at the mandatory rehearsal schedule especially when making appointments! ‘Mandatory’ does need to be mandatory for everyone!

Auditions will be held the second Wednesday of September, the 6th. Auditions do not require anything special. Students will simply read from the script to provide examples of voice characteristics which may help with casting. Students who audition in good faith regarding the rehearsal schedule and commitments discussed in the permission slip, which must be signed by parents and students, will be provided with a role.

The supply list is attached below. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the teachers.

Permission Slip A Christmas Carol
mandatory rehearsals
Christmas carol cast