St. Mary’s Academy extra-curricular offerings are numerous, tailored to provide experiential opportunities to develop compassion for others, appropriate social interaction, responsibility, problem-solving, and leadership skills.

Spelling Bee
The Spelling Bee is an opportunity to celebrate scholastic achievement with our multi-school spelling competition. This two-day, community-wide event is hosted by St. Mary’s Academy and competition is strong.

Drama Club
The Drama Club produces two full-length plays per year. Junior High students audition for roles, and while these auditions are a vehicle for role assignment, all students who wish for a role, receive an assignment. Students also operate the light and sound equipment and organize staging.

Debate Team
The Junior High has regularly scheduled debates where each team is charged with defending their topic.  This is a wonderful opportunity where students learn to not only work as a team but articulate their point of view in a respectful way that will sway an audience.

Field Trips
Each class also offers curriculum-enhancing field trips throughout the year. Students visit local sights such as area farms, Sturbridge Village, Boston, and even New York City. Science-oriented field trips include Baystate Hospital’s genetics lab and Mashantucket Pequot Museum.

Junior High students have the option to join Chorus Club where they can showcase their vocal skills. There are many performance opportunities including our Christmas concert and several special shows throughout the school year.

Bell Choir
The Bell Choir introduces students to the skills of reading and playing music. The Junior High students perform during the school-wide Christmas concert and during other activities throughout the year.

Funfests are school-wide ‘play dates’ for Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 5 students. Junior High students organize and run activities that include art contests and activities, games such as basketball and soccer, dance contests, appropriate video games, air-hockey, face-painting, and balloon making.

School Dances
The Junior High also organizes a dance every other month for themselves. Appropriate music is downloaded and played over the school sound system. The Grade Six students organize and run the concession stand.

Art Exhibition
St. Mary’s Academy students in Kindergarten through the eighth grade participate in an annual school-wide Art Exhibition held each year in May. This is an opportunity for students to showcase their talents to the school, families, and local community. What a great avenue for students to feel successful in their artwork!

Battle of the Books
Battle of the Books is a wonderful event for grades 3 – 5. Local Catholic school students gather to be quizzed on information from a list of books they were asked to read ahead of time. This is a fun competition that encourages reading, perhaps outside a typical genre, and allows students to work as a team to answer the questions given.