Admission is a commitment on the part of the Academy to make every effort to help the student meet individual goals and support parents as their children grow and mature toward young adulthood. It is also a commitment on the part of students to make every effort to set realistic personal and academic goals, utilizing the resources offered by the Academy to achieve those goals.

We follow policies of the Diocese of Springfield.
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It is a commitment on the part of the parents to support their children’s efforts by engaging in the Academy’s programs so as to maximize opportunity for academic, social, and spiritual growth for their child. Equally important is a student’s desire to build new relationships and to begin a journey of discovery leading to awareness and achievement of personal potential on the part of the student, with the support of the student’s family.
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St. Mary’s Academy extra-curricular offerings are numerous, tailored to provide experiential opportunities to develop compassion for others, appropriate social interaction, responsibility, problem-solving, and leadership skills.